Fiddleville is Mike Sanyshyn's second instrumental recording to date. This recording blends various styles of fiddling including Country, Jazz, Cajun, Bluegrass and Traditional Old Time Fiddle.  Semiamoo Shyndig and West Coast Jig are two original compositions that feature Mike's unique fiddling style. I hope you enjoy the road to FiddleVille. (FiddleVille is currently sold out)

1. Semiamoo Shyndig
2. West Coast Jig
3. Cajun Fiddle
4. Roxanna's Waltz
5. Robbie Dagenais Reel
6. Oyama White
7. Back 40 - Rip Off
8. Blue Jeans & Gingham
9. Crazy Creek
10. Kansas City Kitty

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Price: $20.00

Shipping: $3.50

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